All Star Challenge is a game which tests how well you know Dribbble’s all star players.

How to play
You will be shown a shot from one of Dribbble's all star players. You must guess which all star player created the shot by selecting one of the three players that are given to you as options.

You have 10 seconds once the shot has loaded to select your choice.

If you guess correctly, you will be awarded 10 points x number of seconds left on the clock. You will then get shown another shot and the game will continue.

If you guess wrong, game over.

If your time runs out, game over.

Whose shot is this?
10 seconds remaining


All Star Challenge was created, designed and coded by William Rainbird after saying to Tait Brown: "Would it be easy to do this with the Dribbble API?". Since Tait knew more about using Ajax requests to pull data than William, he showed William just how easy it was and that was the start of that.

You can find out what William is up to right now by checking out his blog or by following him on Twitter.